James Welch

James graduated in 2001 from University College London (UCL) and The London Foot Hospital.

Since then he has worked in both the private sector and the NHS where he currently holds the post of Advanced Specialist Podiatrist in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Paediatrics. James has continued with further study and in 2018 completed his Masters degree in the Principles of Podiatric Surgery from the University of Brighton, with his dissertation focusing on the role of steroid injections for recalcitrant plantar fasciopathy.

James has lectured nationally and internationally for a number of years and is the current vice chair of the Children’s Podiatry Special Advisory Group, as well as one of the main contributors to the Paediatric Podiatry Clinical Framework. He has a special interest in hypermobility and hypermobility disorders, paediatric heel pain (Calcaneal Apophysitis) and paediatric flat feet. He is currently involved in 2 separate research projects. As well as lecturing and studying, James is also one of the current Deputy Professional Editors for the Royal College of Podiatry professional magazine ‘The Podiatrist’.


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